Back to my trusty Clover Hair Boutique for a change for the end of 2015!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello you!
You know, I always look forward to my hair salon appointments at Clover Hair Boutique. They did a fabulous job when I went to get my hair done for my wedding.

I actually have brides telling me that they want to dye their hair lighter for their wedding hairdo, but don't dare to because they are afraid that the salon will screw up their hair color and in the end they just don't have a salon they can go to that they trust, and I sooooo get they are coming from because hair is so so important and if you can't even trust your stylist to do a good enough job that's really sad.

And especially on your wedding day it has to be perfect right?! But black hair will sometimes look like just a lump of hair if the brides request for a intricate braid hairdo etc, i usually advice my brides to dye a lighter brown tone if they want to see the details of their hairdo to show up nicely on photos.

I decided it's time for a new color by Senior Stylist Gino. 

Previously he previously did my Violet red + Chilli Red ombre highlights which i love love love.

But I realized I've done so many reds this year!! Gooooorgeous bright ass in your face kinda red, violet red, balayage red. So I wanted a change of color tone for this end of the year!

 I had to bleach my hair twice to get all the red tones out of my hair, went to get my 1st round of bleaching on Thursday night and back on Friday for the 2nd bleaching and color wise, I've pretty much given Gino the freedom to let him do whatever he wants hahaha i have MAJOR hair envy for his cool hair color + hairdo so i know that I can trust him when it comes to color!

 So Gino was done with his color magic and a fabulous haircut by the salon Director Raymond, my hair was 10000000000x lighter and way cooler than when i stepped into Clover Hair Boutique!
 Walked out of the salon like literally 走路有风 HAHAHAHA 

I don't think I've ever done this color ever, thanks Gino, I FREAKING LOVE IT! The violet highlights really perfected the whole look. He really has great taste in these color combination man. I can't never think of up such a cool combi if it was up to me haha!

I honestly expected that my hair will be like super dry like a stack of hay after bleaching it not once but twice so we can get all the red out, but their PRO FIBRE treatment is so good! ♡ 

Exclusive discount for TheLuckiestChick Readers: 

Clover Hair Boutique will be offering TheLuckiestChick readers 
an exclusive discount of 20% off all Chemical Services by Senior Stylists, 
you can request for Gino if you're looking for a change of hair color, he's awesome!

Simply quote "LuckiestChick20" when you call to make your appointment to enjoy the 20% off! * discount not available for director services. 

★  Far East Plaza #02-44/45 14 Scotts Road Call: 6836 2748


Oh and we just booked our one year anniversary trip to Korea this Friday! Now i can have cool hair for Korea WOOTS!


So freaking excited since it's both our first time there. it was quite a last min decision so do share if you have any recommendation on places and what to eat and things to see/buy.

 Can't believe it's almost one year since #FideLeonWedding #FideLeonLuneDeMiel!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

I have to admit something, i have this problem...

Monday, November 16, 2015

From being an only child, only grandchild all my life, and it is that i have issues with SHARING. I don't think it's such an uncommon with all the sole child in the world, you probably get where i'm coming from right?

All my life I've never had to share my space, my stuff and adjusting to married life and currently shacking up with ze hubbay at his parents place is definitely not easy especially when we're both the kind of people who have a shitload of STUFF. Luckily for me ze hubbay is always real nice and accommodating and always puts up with me when I throw little bitch fits at times and i reeeeeally appreciate and love him for that. :D

Can't wait till next year when our place is finally ready and we will have more SPACE!! So i'm like a total couch potato and the first thing i turn on when i always get home is the computer, like that's the first thing i want to get to when i reach home. So for the past year (has it already been one year?!) i've been sharing Leon's laptops, either using his MSI or his Razer. Both of which does not belong to me.

Yep, only child problem. I NEED to have stuff that belongs to me, only then i will feel comfortable. Sometimes he needs to use the laptop and i'm lazy to lug the razor out from the cupboard so i end up feeling awkward and stuck scrolling thru my phone because i can't use the laptop and then again i feel uncomfortable.

Hahaha this might sounds really stupid to the rest of you but it's really a huge problem for me!! hahaha I use a desktop back at my own home but there's no way i can bring it over because we have NO space and he NEEDS to have these 2 ugly huge speakers (which apparently is real great, sounds wise but because it's troublesome to operate, he literally NEVER ever uses it and yet he doesn't want to put it away until we get out new place so it's just sitting there collecting dust and taking up half the desk. Ugh)

The other day I was looking at the Macbook Air and i was like WTF why didn't i think of buying myself a laptop of my own!!! That would solve my uncomfy feeling what!!

I'm very superficial so i wanted the new 2015 Macbook which is so small, light and totally gorgeous. But Leon made me look around at my options and in the end, i got the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, 512GB in champagne colour! Which i really did not regret choosing over the mac, honestly i don't care about specs and all, i just want something light, pretty and great to use for blogging + watching shows + shopping. Hahahaha very girly stuff. But after using this for a couple weeks now, i'm seriously LOVING it.

Yeah that is one of the 2 HUGE speakers that Leon refuses to put away so we can have more space even though he's not even using it!! Ugly ass thing that takes up way too much space. hahaha i really need to complain about it because it's so annoying!!!

This is an unfair comparison since MSI is not known for being slim or anything, but look how skinny the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 is!!! I will mostly watch my shows in bed and have the laptop lean on my tummy/underboob area (HAHA) and i use to do this with the MSI/Razer and my tummy will literally feel like bruised or whatever!! HAHAHA such a bloody heavy piece of..

I call my new laptop the skinny bitch. 

My Skinny Bitch can do Yoga!! It can be bend and used in 3 other ways, flat/tent/tablet. Although i can't phantom why would i use it in the flat way but.. ok good to know that i can? Hahaha

Oh it's also touch screen! So even i bought the 2015 macbook i can't do that, and i love that it's in this pretty shade of champagne. (:

You better last me a long long time, Skinny Bitch. Love ya!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

[AD] Skycart, Your new BFF to help you with your TAOBAO shopping!

Friday, November 06, 2015

Skycart, the newest player in the Taobao shopping industry, has concrete strategies in place to ensure that every customer they serve will leave satisfied for their inaugural foray into the annual 11th November sale AKA 11 or 11.11

First and foremost, they have ditched the popular term “agent” and have instead branded themselves a “concierge-like personal shopper”. Who doesn't want a personal shopper?! 

They believe that agents are mere logistics solutions while to Skycart, every customer is a friend who can rely on them for style recommendations, cost savings, or even help with navigating the confusing world of Taobao.

 11.11 is THE shopping event of the year. 

Even Guinness World Records says so: 2014’s 11.11 earned USD 9.3 billion (BILLION!) in 24 hours and currently holds the titles for “individual company with the highest online retail volume in a 24-hour period” and another for “individual online retail platform that sold the most mobile phones in a 24-hour period.” During the sale, sold 1,894,867 total units of mobile phones, according to the company. 

Let me give you the low down on how to take advantage of the crazy deals from the 11.11 sale
  1. Top-up Skypay in advance.
  2. Start adding items to your cart or wishlist right now (make sure to have options and substitutes because things are gonna sell out FAST, remember to state State 11.11.2015 in the Remarks)
  3. Check out and pay way before 11 November so we have time to allocate a dedicated officer to handle your account for you.

One other unique feature in Skycart is their lack of chargeable “packing” weight.

All local Taobao agents add a 10% increment to consumer’s parcels as an estimated
weight of protective materials used. Isn't that annoying?! I've experienced this personally, paying so much extra for shipping fee for the excessive packaging for literally a teeny weenie hairpin.

Skycart did their research and discovered that majority of parcels could be securely protected without excessive padding, deemed it unnecessary charges thus effectively cutting down on your shipping fee. YAY!


Sign up for an account and RSVP to be part of limited 12,000 people who can enjoy exclusive discounts (price match with the lowest agent discount available on 11.11) with Skycart!

My braces are finally off- now gimme my pearlie whites!

Thursday, November 05, 2015


I've finally removed my braces!! 
I had like crazy messy teeth for 22 years of my life and now after 2.5 years it's finally off! :D

The very first night i came home with my braces off, the first order of business was to wear these Crest whitening strips that we ordered from previously! Obviously after 2.5 years of having those ceramic braces brackets and all that wire in my mouth, it's not possible to brush and clean your teeth properly so i really want that brilliant white smile! it doesn't make sense that i spent 4k on braces to straighten my teeth yet leaving my teeth all yellowish and eeky right?

Wow, but the very next day i saw that my tooth really looked slightly brighter but the sensitivity that i felt, was not fun. NOPE, not fun at all. 

There was these sudden pangs of pain shooting through the nerves of my tooth all day and it made me lose my appetite completely and it hurt SO BAD. And this was coming from the girl who did not feel pretty much any pain or real discomfort from wearing braces for the past 2.5 years and i'm definitely not the type who gets all whiny with a little pain.

I was thinking of what other options i had than home whitening strips, i heard the sensitivity after laser teeth whitening hurts like a total bitch too, can't vouch for that since i have never tried it personally. 

Lucky for me, Lush Aesthetics very kindly extended a sponsored session of their LED teeth whitening to me, and this treatment couldn't have come at a better time! hehehe I was grinning all the way while driving to Tanglin for my treatment after work, can't wait for them pearlie whites!

My therapist explained to me how LED whitening works, the different types of whitening gel they offer and I was totally surprised that the treatment would only take a mere 1 hour!!! Since it's only an hour, ze hubbay waiting for me at the clinic so we can go have dinner together after.

She also matched my current tooth colour with this set of tooth color scale, my upper is whiter while my lower is dramatically more stained and yellow. Eeeeeewwww!

After we're done with all that, she brought me to one of their treatment rooms, i rinsed my mouth with a mouth rinse prior to the treatment, and then therapist started to apply the whitening gel onto each and every tooth.

In every 15 minutes intervals, she came back to check on me and re-apply more whitening gel and it was another 15 mins cycle with the LED light.


After the 1 hour treatment, we did a comparison on my current teeth shade with the color chart again and it's freaking amazing! In under an hour, my tooth went 6 shades brighter for my lower teeth and 3 shades up for my upper ones  (since it was not super yellow to begin with, i did expect so)!!

Upper teeth: Before on the left, after 1 hour of treatment on the right!

Lower teeth: Before on the left, after 1 hour of treatment on the right!

Other than the short treatment time with great results, the other thing i fully appreciate is that i did not experience ANY teeth sensitivity unlike my home whitening crest strips, which was a totally killer!!

The brighten effect is suppose to last up to a year, that's if you're not a smoker/habitual tea or coffee drinker of course, if you do, you probably have to take care of your teeth more such as drinking your coffee/tea with a straw so it doesn't exactly touch/stain your teeth or use whitening mouth rinse frequently etc.

Lush Aesthetics is an award winning centre that delivers quick and effective results from quality aesthetics treatment. They have whole lot other aesthetics treatments available from face to hair and body. 
On the overall i'm crazy happy with the results and I definitely recommend the LED whitening treatment over at Lush Aesthetics!

If you want a white, brilliant smile too, Lush Aesthetics is offering a special price to TheLuckiestChick readers at $188 (U.P $999)

Simply call Lush Aesthetics at +65 6737 4964, 
quote LUSH-FIDELIS-TW188 to enjoy this discounted price!

Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road
#06-11 Singapore 247909

Tel: 6737 4964 / 6733 2431

Operating Hours
Mondays to Fridays - 11.30am to 8.30pm
Saturdays & PH - 10am to 7pm
Closed on Sundays